This World Health Day, Let Us Get Rid of The Malignant Caste Cancer

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People at large celebrate World Health Day today. Overall well being entails a lot of factors, and emotional and intellectual wellness also figure out in the list. For the state of Andhra Pradesh, getting rid of caste differences is badly required for it’s overall health.

Caste system has been prevalent all over, but for Andhra, somehow things go overboard. The state flaunts both geniuses and fools, and it is the latter category that indulges in the caste battles. What had incidentally started off as part of petty college politics at one point of time had grown leaps and bounds into a certain caste cancer. As long as this cancer exists, Andhra will have one extra hurdle to cross all the time.

Castes were made back in time for specific reasons. Each caste was entrusted with a specific societal responsibility in order to strike and maintain balance. But today, castes cause more imbalance and destruction than any of the other external factors.

Caste politics leave an ugly impact on human minds. The entire thought process changes and revolves around caste obsession. While on one hand it is pleasant to stand by the community, stepping over the line and causing emotional damage to self and others is totally unwarranted for.

This World Health Day, let us make an honest effort to fight the caste cancer for the welfare of the state.



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