Will PK Create Sensation on Special Package Today?

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After the great debate and press meet coming from the Centre, CM and Venkaiah Naidu, PK aka Power Star Pawan Kalyan is all set to keep his promise today. The Jana Sena chief who had earlier declared Kakinada to be the first venue in September for commencing important discussions with public will be delivering a speech at 4 PM.

All eyes will definitely be on Pawan Kalyan, speculating if the star followed by the millions will talk openly about the special package that has been offered by the Centre. Most importantly, people will look forward to knowing Pawan’s views on the proposal and what he would say on this context.

After the centre had announced a detailed proposal of special package to Andhra Pradesh, people of the state have shown dissatisfaction in majority. The CM has affirmed that while he will accept what is being offered, Special category Status will always be the prime goal for him. Mr Naidu held a press meet yesterday in front of the speaker and dissected pain areas one after the other, citing valid reasons why the proposed package is not going to be enough. He has always taken a firm stance on AP getting the SC Status and said that he will continue to fight for the same.

Pawan Kalyan’s public meetings have become a prime interest for many, because of his unabashed approach and honest remarks. While some of them have not gone down very well with select groups, the star is being revered for being open and honest while talking about the burning issues surrounding Andhra Pradesh.



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