Will Pawan Kalyan Deliver Another Powerful Rhetoric?

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Trust Power Star of the masses to make a public appearance when it really matters. After the unfortunate stabbing incident that took away his fan’s life, Kalyan Babu immediately called in for an important public meet in Tirupati that will start at 4 PM today.

The founder of Jana Sena Party had always come into action, giving press and public meets precisely on the important timelines. Be it the inception of Jana Sena Party, the burning Kapu reservation agitation or the recent uncalled fan war that resulted in loss of life, PK does not forget to speak up on time. While the details of today’s public meeting are not yet known, it can be safely assumed that Pawan will once again rise up to the occasion and address some of the burning issues.

The meeting which is scheduled for 4 p.m today will most likely have Pawan Kalyan as the lone speaker. Power Star’s Jana Sena, which had officially been declared as a viable political party, will get a new footing and momentum with this interaction. Sources also speculate that today’s speech may actually give the star a political leap to the next level.

One of the very few stars in South India who flaunts millions of fans and followers due to sheer persona, Pawan is known to cast a significant influence on his young disciples in a positive manner. Several young Jana Sena groups have been active on the social scene, contributing to the society and making a difference.

It remains to be seen if Power Star will create another forceful effect on the people today afternoon.



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