When The Brotherhood Fell Apart – 2 States

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This is definitely real. Not a cinema, not some funny orchestration or a theater play. The land of Telugu fell apart. Now, putting all the political lampooning on one side (starting from the sensational decision made at the centre to cut away land in parts up to the point of section 8 and the tapped phone hullabaloo), the ‘mango man’ is left pondering in delusion. Where the heck are we headed, really?

All of us who are from here and gone elsewhere or still here and watching the mammoth circus are well aware of the inner truth.

Hailing from Telugu communities and background and growing up not dividing the dry land of Khammam from the humid stretch of Gajuwaka, we were so accustomed to the feeling of oneness all through. I really did not want to say this, but will mention it anyway – the great Potti Sriramulu’s soul must be distraught.

Not going by my surname with close resemblance to that of one Chidambaram, let us all take a deep breath and think over – the brotherhood of hearts that cannot leave our spirits. The time immemorial has left us more memories of being together than the sum total of all the drama that is being currently paraded in the name of governance and politics.

Fighting for the land and right is not wrong. Criticizing each other is. No mother divides two brothers, unless the brothers develop unforeseen envy in the progression of time and tide. One brother may be a Zamindar or a landlord, flourishing with prosperity and wealth, and the other is a little less fortunate one with his geography – a dry land that does not grow much. So the other brother comes in and invests on what works on the his sibling’s land. There is no fault in that. The turmoil undergone by the richer brother is appreciated, applauded and thanked. Until the point of individuality seeping in on the other. The differences set in and create revolutionary movements. Don’t want to really comment on the depth of the essence, though. This is democracy.

Being individual is not bad either. To each man and his land his own. The whole melodrama sets in when vested interests and unexplained hatred gets into picture. In the name of rule, governance and authority. The tale of two states and hearts is now everything but a collective effort to justify the divide. This is not a Tollywood blockbuster telling the tale of two jobless brothers to the point of obnoxious. This is a tale of millions of able Telugus with beautiful history, diction and origins.

While there is more background and factoids that drive the current scenario, let us not forget that what common man says and practices, is what actually prevails in the society. While we debate on the turbulent times and unexplained future that lies ahead for the two states, let us always remember that this is more than just a divide. An opportunity to thrive together in the hard times.

The two siblings are suddenly at a point of rift; aggressive yet scary, overwhelming yet hesitant. The other brother scorned will rebuild his fort anyways, it’s in his genes to do so. What remains to be understood is the prime de facto of what works best in the interests of both.

I’m not saying, “Lets come together and sing Khumbaya”. A singular approach to understand and assimilating the scenario becomes a mass practice. No amount of sensational comments by celebrities taking ideal references in the icons of politics will help. An Aam Aadmi’s (read the real meaning, not a party name) approach to a sensible co-existence, will.

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