Water from Godavari Released into Krishna Delta in the Most Poetic Way

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The Telugu Desam Party had faced a lot of criticism from the opposition parties about the construction of the Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Project (PLIP). However, thanks to Andhra Pradesh CM N Chandrababu Naidu and his ministers who did not buckle under such pressure, the farmers of the state can now look forward to considerable profits and happy days.

Finally, the water from River Godavari is being pumped by PLIP and has been released from the Prakasam Barrage into the Krishna Delta by the Chief Minister. Water was released into the Krishna Eastern Delta from a 112 year old head sluice. The Chief Minister said that from the next season, water will be released from the head regulator that has been newly constructed. He said that he felt truly honored that the water was being released on the special occasion of Id.

While addressing the gathering on the occasion, he said that when he had come up with the proposal of constructing PLIP such that 13 lakh acres of land spread across four coastal districts can be provided with necessary water on time, a lot of political leaders had criticized and challenged him. He added that a lot of people had termed his claim of completing the project in an year as an impossible feat and had even vowed that they would take leave from the political circuit if the project was completed on time.

A few days ago, water was lifted from Godavari into Polavaram Right Main Canal (PRMC) by switching on twelve of the pumps of PLIP. Since then the Prakasam Barrage has received about 2tmcft water. This was a necessary step as all the other reservoirs on Krishna have been empty due to which no water is being released from Nagarjunasagar.

The Chief Minister explained that any delay in the release of water would lead to heavy losses for the farmers as cyclones are bound to cause rampage during the month of November. He added that lack of water in the Krishna is causing the salinity to enter the soil and impacting the quality of the ground water in the coastal regions of the state.

Chandrababu Naidu recalls that his political rivals had left no stones unturned to ensure that he faced problems in acquiring land, thereby delaying the completion of PRMC. However, by offering a considerable compensation to the land owners, they were able to gain the required land and link Krishna and Godavari. He said that about 2500tmcft to 3000tmcft of the Godavari water was generally flowing into the sea every year, without being put to any use. He went on to say that by constructing the PLIP, they can now divert 80tmcft water to the Krishna delta at the right time.

The farmers of Karamchedu village of Prakasam district are thrilled by the result of the linking of the two rivers. The timely supply of water has actually doubled their yield with one single crop.

On the occasion, the CM said that the progress of all the irrigation projects is being closely monitored and that the progress of Polavaram project was reviewed by him personally.




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