Wake Up, Middle Class – You Want Acche Din, Endure The Temporary Pain

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Wake Up, Middle Class - You Want Acche Din, Endure The Temporary Pain

“What an inconvenience this is!!” whined one of my friends over the phone. Prime Minister Narendra Modi just did something amazing, something spectacular. He launched a counter offensive that will destroy all the black money (well, most of it) that is in circulation. But what is the middle class’s reaction to the news? Panic and chaos over wasted 500 notes, cash problems and non functioning ATMs.

The Aam Janta took to the streets, making a run for the ATM in a nearby location, while the reckoned Aam Aadmis and their Bhakts criticized the decision. The common men seem to have a problem with everything in this country. They want Acche Din, and that at the cost of zero sacrifices. Let us not go anywhere near the obsessed lefts – some cant stop thinking beyond the set prejudices of RSS, Brahminism and the holy cow. This is something else. Please open your eyes and your mind. Stop slapping yourself again and again. This was long due for the nation.

The middle class that now keeps whining over the petty ordeals of cash deposit, note exchange and life without ATM, get this – this country needs you to join the fight more than ever. If your routine life has been subjected to extreme discomfort, understand that this is the only way to fight a nation wide corruption. Few sacrifices have to be made. You don’t have to self immolate yourselves and do meaningless Hartals – just endure these two days for Christ’s sake (or whoever you worship, or not).

As for the Aams of the world who are going berserk about the decision – I’m not a Bhakth but I will say this – either you come clean with whatever underlying guilt that is speaking, or go home and get some sleep. The counter offensive of the century has been launched. There is no escaping. And please stop cashing on the common man sentiment. Wake up, this is for the common man.

And in case you are too rigid to accept the facts in the broad daylight, focus on the pending works – your city is in shambles, deal with the ongoing pollution problem.

Ab Har Baar, Modi kind of Sarkaar.



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