When The VMC Went Full Swing with Canal Pollution Inspections

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The VMC has finally geared up and begun its inspections of the various irrigation canals that are reported to be highly polluted. On 3rd June, J Nivas, the Commissioner of VMC went on a field visit, in order to ascertain the cause of this pollution. Along with the concerned officials including the sanitary inspectors, he went on a boat ride across the Bandar canal which began from Tummalapalli Kalakshetram and concluded at Yanamalakuduru.

During the inspection of the 7.2km stretch, it was found that that the main cause of pollution of the canal is the disposal of sewage at 52 odd locations. It was noted that the drain water of the residential areas is directed to the Bandar canal. The people living near the canal are also causing rampant pollution.

Dumping of garbage on the sides of the canal is another major reason for pollution. The commissioner noted large piles of garbage along the bund which would move into the water due to various natural factors and thereby pollute it. He was extremely displeased of the fact that garbage was being burnt along the shores of the canal. He has given strict directions to the officials to come up with a plan that would help in eliminating the pollution.

According to sources, he has also told the officials to begin a project to divert the drain water of the residential areas to the underground drainage that lies at the end of Dr. YV Rao Hospital Road. He said that this project should span from Fakeer Gudem to Netaji Bridge and should connect all the drains to pipelines that would lead the sewage directly to the underground drainage.

J Nivas has also asked his officials to prepare an estimate in order to build a fence for the canal bund to keep the dumping of garbage under check. He also made a heartfelt plea to the people to stop throwing wastes into the canal as its water is being used for drinking purposes in the downstream areas.



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