Vizag – The Destined City of Resilience

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Tales have been told about the ancient cities in the world that have fallen and risen. Some of these cities have made a name for themselves in the history, showcasing resilience, grit, fight back and might. Andhra as such flaunts some of these iconic cities with a bearing to the time gone by. Amaravati the ancient city had a monumental reprisal one more time, deigning to become one of the best metropolitan cities of India in the future. In the midst of all the excitement and anticipation for the timeless Dharanikota, we simply cannot disregard some of the other landmarks which stood the test of time.

Vizag, an incredible piece of demographic which will always need a special mention whenever the debate is about Andhra. A wonderful mixture of new and the old, Visakhapatnam had presented to the world lately, as to what it means to be warrior. Barely a year after collapsing in shambles to a devastating cyclone Hudhud, Vizag rose to host one of the most prestigious industrial forum that the world will watch with anticipation. CII Summit 2016, the much awaited event where 37 countries will be taking part began today at Vizag. It is amazing to note that the city had been chosen to be the host after a phenomenal recovery from an excruciating downfall due to a natural calamity.

It is not just about the spirit of the city that faces the shores of Bay of Bengal on one side and mountains on the other. The inner mettle of the people who reside in Vizag is indomitable. The courage as such was felt after Hudhud receded, leaving the city completely broken. People of Visakhapatnam came together and worked, hand in hand with the governance, while putting back the pieces together. This was not at all easy, so to speak. We are talking about practically rebuilding the city that was crushed to the ground, and it was done. There is more to Vizag as a city than what meets the eye. Perhaps the power of facing the battle and fighting it has been existent within the confines of the region from way before.

Ranking as the tenth largest Indian city, Vizag has a GDP of 26 Billion Dollars. The prime hub of commercial and reckoned as the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam boasts of world leaders, achievers, entrepreneurs and sportsmen who carry the ‘never say die’ attitude on their sleeves.

Going back in history, the city of destiny had to burgeon its way, despite being under the rule of many establishments and plunderers. Vizag was a part of the Kalinga region, and was later controlled by the Vijayanagara Empire before facing the wrath of the Mughals and the French. The city thrived with force as the French took a keen interest to develop Vizag as a crucial point of trade and business activities. After being under the colonial rule of the British later during the pre- independence era, Vizag surged to become one of the country’s chief ports and ultimately the Headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy.

Perhaps it’s the city’s Herculean history as a relentless soldier, or perhaps it’s the sea breeze consumed with valour. Visakhapatnam is slowly dawning on the new Andhra Pradesh with a remarkable positioning. The city of destiny is showing way to state’s fortune in the days to come. Vizag will be embarking on the new outcomes for the new AP post the CII Summit, where the world will begin to remarkably invest in the Sunrise state.



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