Vizag Lighthouses Dropped From The Shortlist For Tourism Plans?

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While a great move has been made by AP govt to convert few of the prominent lighthouses in the state into attractive tourism destinations, the age old classy Vizag lighthouses were conveniently given a miss. This remains to be a seething question of wonder to many.

There are two lighthouses in Vizag that can be potentially capitalized on for development. The functional lighthouse on Dolphin’s Nose and an old lighthouse at Bhimli or Bheemunipatnam. However, none of these two have been duly considered. While the lighthouse on Dolphin’s Nose is a likely pick for a miss, the one at Bhimli spells legacy. In fact, Vizag had served as a consistent port point for both merchant navy and the Indian navy. The city itself serves as a headquarter for the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy. Vizag is a mother to one of the oldest shipyards in the country and the continent. There is a reason why this legacy should be accentuated on the front of world tourism.

The lighthouse at Bhimli dates back to 1868 and remains as a citadel on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. In fact, there is an old Narasimha Swamy temple in the vicinity, along with other attractions. The lighthouse on Dolphin’s Nose is a well frequented spot by both residents as well as tourists, making it a perfect choice for development in the lines of tourism empowerment.

The Director General of Lighthouses and Lightships was given a fair chance to come up the main shortlists for potential lighthouses in the state that would be developed as attractive tourism spots in the coming days. The lighthouses that have been finally chosen are Kalingapatnam Lighthouse in Srikakulam district, Santapalli Lighthouse in Vizianagaram distruct, Sacriment Lighthouse in Kakinada, Vakalapudi and Antharvedi Lighthouses in East Godavari district.

While the choices look great and comprehensive for the mission, there still lurks a feeling of lurch for the ones in Vizag. One cannot escape thinking about the probable reason for the skip by the govt to likely be an already growing economy of Visakhapatnam.



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