Vizag, Hot New Destination For All Business Summits

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Flying on a 6AM er on a Sunday can be exhausting, ridiculous and absolutely trying on normal mortals. However, you are sometimes zinged up right on your aisle seat, overhearing rather loud conversations from behind.

The repartee that apparently looked like it was in between two very busy businessmen trying to dash to that next critical meeting, waiting to close a lucrative deal.

“CII was here, BRICS seems to be always here. Is this the next hot destination for all the state relevant business summits?”

“Looks like it, going by the way everybody is preferring the city for such conferences”

When the busy Rao Garus of the world talk about happening Vizag inside packed airliners, it makes complete sense. The city of destiny is now the city of international summits.

Visakhapatnam has apparently become a hot new destination for all the state and business related conferences and summits. The city that usually loves to stay low profile and quiet is suddenly a busy hub of corporate buzz. All the main business events and collaborations that are directed at the development of the new sunrise state are being hosted here.

Vizag is reckoned for several other merits – scenic beauty, mesmerizing Bay of Bengal that co exists quietly by the shore and the mountains that sing their own melody on the other side. The locals love their city to stay subdued and undisturbed, but time had come when they have to let their beloved home ground become a level playing field for all national and international associations and outcomes.

The conferences that are mostly hosted at Vizag are turning out to be productive forums for discussions on FDI’s, MoU signing and future deals into various industries for the state. The CII Summit that was held last year became an instant success, with leaders across the world joining up to tap the strengths of AP and possibly collaborate on prime projects. The same thing can be said of BRICS, when the five countries came together at Vizag to address on the prevailing smart cities issues and ideal scenarios. Fruitful outcomes have been reached, and potential deals have been struck. The city that was otherwise referred mostly for romantic and family getaways is now a level up.

The rising number of conventions and summits are also directly contributing to both tourism and hospitality. Novotel, Varun Beach, that plays host to some of the prominent VIPs attending the events in the city is now choking with full bookings and great revenue turnover. The hotel staff and management constantly look forward to see and interact with high profile delegates, not to forget take a selfie before parting ways.

The prevailing mission on industrial and manufacturing boost fetches an instant nod when the delegates get the taste of scenic beauty. Many a times, the guests from international waters are seemingly convinced about the state’s prospects after falling to the charms of Mana Vizag. They see development, viability and sustainability in the next smart city of India.

With the gamut of excitement and hubbub that has increased in the recent times, most of the locals are not pleased. The growing noise is taking them far away from what was once familiar. This sure breaks the silence of once laid back city, not to forget the much wanted peace and quiet. However, such an ordeal is worth a shot keeping the best interests of Andhra in mind.

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