Vijayawada’s Warrior Presents ‘EV’ To The World

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After a successful stint with Cisco, pride of Vijayawada and eminence of Silicon Valley, Padmasree Warrior is all set to rock the automobile industry. Warrior is now the CEO of NextEV, the future revolution in autonomous electric cars.

Padmasree is looking forward to explore unknown charters in a completely different industry. Speaking to the reputed Fortune Magazine on the grand opening of NextEV at San Jose, Warrior shared her plans and the next mission.

NextEV has joined hands with Tesla Motors to launch autonomous electric cars that are well connected. NextEV is the first outcome of this plan.

While the entire industry is surprised at Padmasree’s career switch that is a complete shift to another industry, her responses revealed that Warrior has some clear ideas on what she wants to take up next under the window of her rich expertise.

Warrior told the magazine that after she left Cisco, she wanted to explore another industry that is ‘ripe for a change’. She wanted to integrate the latest in the tech space to another industry and empower. She had two choices in front of her – education and transportation. She chose the latter.

When Padmasree interacted with William Li, Founder of NextEV, she found out that the company has been working on software and artificial intelligence to enhance the auto make. Warrior immediately got onto understanding the vision and strategy of NextEV. She looked into the detailed plan and jumped into action as the CEO, supervising teams of data scientists who had expertise in machine learning, AI and augmented reality.

Warrior sees great scope for NextEV to take off as the next revolution in automobile zone. She will soon be making a series of announcements about the hypercar, which is a high performance EV.

“It’s time for a change in the transportation industry. It’s a 125 year-old industry and the majority of that time it’s been relatively the same, relatively homogenous. The automotive industry has primarily focused on the driver and the experience for the driver. Not so much for the passenger.”

Padmasree looks forward to the success of NextEV, and she greatly credits Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors who has worked hard to bring the EV back. She shared that given the advancements in technology, envisioning and making a breakthrough car is now a possibility, as compared to what was a decade ago.

“A lot has changed, even the technology landscape in the last 10 years. We believe we are first and foremost a digital company. If you think about transportation in the digital era, there’s a lot more to do. This is where we differ from Tesla” she said.



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