This Sankranti, Let Us Welcome Great Reverberations!!

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Sankranti, the celebration of peace and prosperity. The festival that empowers us to do away with old resentments, things and experiences and start afresh with new transformations. For Andhra Pradesh, Makara Sankranti is all about celebrating blessings and discarding unproductive persuasions.

While the last year has been all about gruesome challenges, the state as such managed to come out of tough situations, embracing fresh lessons. The year also brought many useful business collaborations, investments. national and international brands who set up their base across the region. We have successfully managed to break the glass, planning, envisioning and implementing useful schemes and avenues for the citizens. The state shone with impeccable outcomes in the areas of technology, industry and global exposure.

The time is now right for Andhra Pradesh to make a smooth transition towards that eventual progress. Amaravati continues to be built, brick by brick, with self determination, grit and ability to withstand volatile opposing forces. While the new capital region already flaunts efficient transition of administrative services, coveted projects are soon seeing movement and pace.

Airports, railway, roads, ports and tourism – the state government has managed to lay a strong foundation for brand new projects and seamless execution. Polavaram is now a reality, after a decode odd long period of hope and illusion.

This Sankranti, let us welcome great reverberations – positive results in every sphere of development. Let us address challenges collectively as children of the Sunrise State. From here on, it is entirely up to us as to how we envision the future of Andhra and the ways we will adopt to work towards the same.

Andhra Pradesh now needs more optimists than Nay Sayers, more joined up attitude than petty differences and disparities. Truth be told, we still have a long way to go in order to better ourselves in this area. In fact, the state is bound to face set backs if these minute shortcomings are not tackled with.

Let us come together and celebrate Makara Sankranti in harmony, love and sense of giving. Let us contribute a little more where we live; one need not operate only from the confines of governing authority to make a change. The state now needs more of doers than talkers – let us concentrate more on work and less on debates.

Happy Makara Sankranti to all our readers!!



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