From Treta Yuga, Leaders With Vision and Morality Have Endured Only So Much

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There is a lot happening since last few days in New Delhi. The air of animosity prevailing quite high with AP MP’s protesting for the demands of the state to be met with concrete outcomes. As to what looks like a game changing approach, story is likely to take a favorable turn for Andhra Pradesh this time. The incidents in the last few days make us come to a unanimous conclusion; any leader with a vision and zeal can only endure so much, when it comes to putting with unfairness. When the morality suffers, doom impends on the people.

The CM of the state has been putting up with the delays and excuses, abiding by the so called ‘coalition Dharma’ – let us go back to the epics and Yugas of this country. From the days of Rama in the Treta Yuga to the Krishna in the Dvapara Yuga. Wars have essentially been waged when the morality was disrupted. Ravana was brought to immediate justice inevitably, and the Pandavas had to put their foot down in the name of duty. Visionary leaders cannot keep up with injustice beyond a point, and the truth remains so regardless of time and circumstances.

The game of politics may push the pessimists and the cynics to wonder. All kinds of thoughts are now flying across in the air, especially from the great voters whose job is only so much as to drag themselves to the polling booth every four years and do a massive favor. “Is this is a collective drama staged by both of them? Is Galla’s speech a master stroke planned for the opposition? Is this a political game to win the sentiments of people?” Whatever thy doubt is, everything boils down to one blatant truth – the state is running critically short of money to execute projects.

Let us say if there was any other leader in place of the CM. Would the strategy have been any different? Would he or she have compromised with the unfairness and dragged the state to progress with no money? Here’s the thing, in order to upkeep the vision, there need to be resources in place. Precisely what the state lacks at the moment and is tiding through an extremely crucial phase.

The good part of the entire proceedings is that, pressure has been mounted on the Centre. One has to wait and watch as to where this powerful, near risky and ruthless approach is headed. All the bets are off.



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