Transformative Chief Minister is Going Places For All The Obvious Reasons

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Recently, CM N Chandrababu Naidu had been recognized by USIBC as Transformative Chief Minister. The US India Business Council has selected the CM for the award. It goes without saying that the word ‘transformation’ is quite synonymous with the personality that he is.

Bringing about a massive change is something that CM Chandrababu Naidu is charged guilty of, most times. Coming back into the rule after 10 long years, the Chief Minister who had revamped Hyderabad with a complete shift to become one of the happening cities in the world has not forgotten his old habits and methodology.

Starting from formulating breathtaking master plan for Amaravati to enabling Polavaram progress, this man is all about action. Vision and vision statements that are regularly mocked at by the critics often end up seeing a concrete outcome.

In India, very few politicians are change makers. Breaking the cliche and renovating the system and infrastructure comes to very few. Mr Naidu’s larger than life dreams look appalling to folks who cannot envision anything beyond the ordinary. But his dreams usually end up laying a solid foundation for the development of generations to come.

Amaravati has now embarked on a journey of transformation. All eyes are on the city, speculating and contemplating about possible results. Polavaram is bound to see a functional beginning very soon. With Fin tech and real time governance in the line, more changes are underway for Sunrise State.

So what is his next obsession? Who can tell..



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