Traffic Lessons Will Now be imparted by AP Cops at your Doorsteps

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In accordance to the new safety measure introduced by the police department of Guntur, the traffic police will now visit the homes of young people who have violated the traffic rules in order to counsel their parents. The youngsters are imposed with penalties and fines and the cops are imparting them counselling about the importance of keeping in sync with the traffic regulations and enhance road safety. Adopting the policy of “Gandhigiri” that was aptly portrayed in “Lage Raho Munna Bhai”, the police department is offering roses to the violators while the rule followers are being awarded with chocolates.

In the past five months, the traffic violation cases that have been reported in the district include 6100 triple riding cases, 17650 helmet rule violation cases, 3225 without license driving cases, 1262 cases of over speeding, 794 cases of cell phone usage while driving and 658 cases of rule violation of wearing seat belts. It is due to this, that the cops came up with the idea of zeroing in on the youngsters and their parents to improve road safety.

According to K Srinivasulu, the Urban Traffic DSP of Guntur, a drive was launched on May 21st to prevent the youngsters and the minors from violating traffic rules. He added that with this drive, the police will now visit the home of the violators in order to serve them with the notice and collect the fine while also conducting counselling sessions for the parents to explain to them the repercussions of breaking traffic rules and stressing on the importance of wearing seat belts and helmets. This awareness campaign will be conducted across all the police stations in the district up to May 31st.

Some of the parents like Suguna Rao said that many a times, there children take the bikes without their knowledge. She thinks that this initiative of the police to serve the notice at home and conduct counselling is surely a great idea as this would be helpful in letting the parents know about their children’s mischiefs and wrongdoings.

Sarvasreshth Tripathi, the Urban SP of Guntur said that the majority of road accident deaths were caused due to the people not wearing seat belts and helmets. He said that the other main reasons of road accidents are over speeding, zigzag driving and rash driving which prove fatal not just for the riders but for other people too. He further appealed to the parents to prevent their minors from driving and discouraging their young children from over speeding.

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