Top Irrigation Methods Suggested by The CM

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Technology and CM cannot be held apart. Sri N Chandrababu Naidu is very known for his keen inclination towards the use of latest technology where matters.

He has now suggested some of the latest alternatives to his joint collectors and directors of agriculture. The main goal of the state now is to manage and sustain crops from drying up due to the lack of rainfall. The methods that have been suggested by the CM in order to battle the situation are not only latest, but speedily efficient.

Let us take a look at some of the realistic alternatives that have been suggested by the CM as against the traditional methods where not many choices are available in cases of scanty rains.

Drip Irrigation Method

drip-irrigation Top Irrigation Methods Suggested by The CM

Though drip irrigation method has been in practice since ages, the recent one is all about effective use of valves and tubing. Drip irrigation method literally saves water by letting it drip slowly into the roots of many plants at one time. Water seeps into the soil surface and reaches the root zone. Small, narrow tubes delver the water drops, arranged into a network of emitters and pipes. Drip irrigation is considered to be any day better than surface irrigation, plainly because it offers maximum penetration of water and minimum chances of evaporation.

Irrigation Sprinkler/Rain Gun

rain-gun Top Irrigation Methods Suggested by The CM

Irrigation sprinkler, also commonly referred to as Rain Gun is used worldwide for the irrigation of crops as an effective method. Rain guns also have other uses, such as controlling airborne dust, better landscaping and checking on the wastage of water that happens because of seepage and evaporation. A constantly arid region like that of Seema should greatly benefit with the use of rain guns in the fields. Rain guns spray water into small water drops, emulating natural rain.

Micro Sprinkler Irrigation

micro-sprinkler Top Irrigation Methods Suggested by The CM

Micro sprinklers also act as effective means of irrigating crops in the scanty scenarios where rainfall is not very prevalent. These sprinklers can be mounted on to and used as rain guns or otherwise. A micro sprinkler option is chosen for extremely dry lands where the rate of evaporation is considerably high.

Irrigation Tanks

irrigation-tank Top Irrigation Methods Suggested by The CM

Use of tankers for irrigation to nourish the entire stretch of land in a phased manner may not be one of those ‘tech driven’ ideas, but that of a practical one. This method comes into use for select crops that show significant improvement rather than drying up due to extreme heat conditions.



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