What He is Doing Today Has Politeness, Tact and Strong Presence of Mind

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People have been whining about how ‘slow’ things are progressing in Andhra Pradesh. True, it’s very easy to slip into nightclothes, watch explosive news and discussion on TV, opine our great minds out loud and hit the bed. What happens real time is way different from what is usually spoken in the air. Running a governance is not like packing a steel tiffin box with three course meal and napping during the breaks before chai. Managing people who run the show is truly something, a matter of tact, for such a leader in that position.

In a situation like that of Andhra, the scenario has taken a complete tangent as compared to how the rest of the states are faring – no capital city, limited options and most importantly, growing animosity about the circumstances among people. For any leader to deal with such a terrible state of affairs, there needs to be an insane ability to apply reason to argument, deal with tact.If the present leader is going about his job quietly and carefully without rubbing the center on the ‘wrong side’, people need to understand one thing – the results show in the form of tax exemption of capital gains. This is still the firsts of many, in the long list of approved budgets for long pending dams and ports.

What the leader of the state is now doing is the only option he has, in order to make things happen. Co existing is necessary in order to push massive projects that have not moved an inch for decades. Constant persuasion at the cost of irking even the Prime Minister at times, the CM of Andhra Pradesh has managed to make things happen at the price of many threats and rebounding strategies.

Today, the state is pacing in an exact manner as its supposed to be – right from the start of Polavaram diaphragm works to Finance Minister trying to do the needful for the state in the form of exempts. The leader has chosen the path of resilience, presence of mind and the strength of invading silence – that which can actually shake the core and sap the outcomes.

To understand what the people in the real time governance are doing, one has to sit in the real time board room meeting and hear the brainstorming that happens keeping in mind the welfare of millions. Will never forget the experience and the opportunity to have witnessed the same.



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