Time to Embrace The Lost Telugu Poetry Legacy

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“Telugu literature is sinking, this is our bad luck” said film director Trivikram once, while taking to the stage to talk about the great lyricist Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry. Trivikram came open with his emotions and explained precisely why he does not like speaking out in such forums. He wanted to appreciate the great writer in Sastry, but Trivikram simply could not hold back the bitter truth – Telugu literature is sinking steadily into oblivion. Value is being added to movies and taken away from the real soul of literature, he opined.

Today being the World Poetry Day, let us slow down and understand as to what is really happening to the great Telugu literature. We celebrate the greatness of Nannaya, Tikkana, Gurajada and Potana – but the fact of the matter is; we are failing to celebrate the rich glory of Telugu language.

We love putting our children into convent style and swanky international schools – expect them to master the English language. Personally speaking, we know that our kids cannot utter a word of Telugu, forget alone write the language.

The unfortunate fate of such a beautiful language cannot be overlooked, at least not today. Time has come for all of us to make a honest reach to embrace the language and give its due value. This begins by making our children learn and understand Telugu; for who knows, some of them are actually amazing writers and poets in the making. Let us not feel embarrassed about speaking in our own language. Time has come to showcase the best of it.

Celebrating the spirit of great Telugu writers and poets across the world.



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