Time for AP to Go Organic

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, N Chandrababu Naidu has appointed Subhash Palekar, renowned agriculturist as well as the inventor of Zero Budget Natural Spiritual Farming as an advisor, in order to facilitate organic farming in the state.

Palekar has been roped in to formulate various agriculture oriented policies and to ensure that sufficient knowledge is shared with the farmers.

CM, Chandrababu Naidu said that they are striving to ensure that the use of harmful fertilizers and chemicals in agriculture is eradicated. He added that their future aim is to transform AP into a completely organic state.

In 2000 villages, about 500000 farmers managing more than 500000 hectares of land have already been trained and have implemented the Zero Budget Natural Spiritual Farming technique that is developed by Palekar. The state government now aims to train at least 1000000 more farmers in the next 3 years. According to a statement released by the government, the last Kharif season saw the introduction of this initiative which has already become prevalent in 50% of the state’s mandals.

The government has identified 260 more clusters to initiate the work for 2017’s Kharif season. It is being expected that about 1.8 lakh farmers will participate in the initiative this year.

By using this technique, the production cost for the farmers will be nil as it involves using of natural nutrients that are present in the air, water and soil. This is any day better than purchasing the chemicals which are not only a threat to human health but are also responsible in reducing the fertility of the soil.

The government is also planning to set up a university that would be solely dedicated to organic farming. The university will be constructed in the new capital city of Amaravati and will span across 100 acres of land. The estimated construction cost of this is INR 100 crores.

The CM has also agreed to Palekar’s advice to set up biogas plants in all the villages. Naidu said that it would actually be a good idea to supply power to these villages using solar power in the day time and biogas at night.

N Chandrababu Naidu has also requested Palekar that he uses video conferences as a technique to share his vast knowledge with the citizens of AP. This would be possible once all the homes in the state get an internet connection under the Fiber Grid Project.




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