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He would have been called as the ‘Man of the millennials” like a million times. There is a very strong reason why Chandrababu Naidu’s leadership agrees with today’s generation. The fact that Naidu’s envisioning is greatly empowered with the right use of technology is very well known. People love his ideologies that sync with modern day lives and livelihood. Chandrababu Naidu or CBN inspires the young minds precisely because there is a great connectivity and wavelength.

But what is the young Janta really saying about CBN. So far, there has been only a generalised analysis. But when we dig deep, there is a massive discussion happening about the man.

We have put together notes from across internet forums where Mr Chandrababu Naidu had been elaborately discussed. And here is what we have found. The young millennials have a strong sense of association with CBN.

Here are some excerpts from the social network, Quora, where millennials share their unbiased views. We respect the confidentiality of the users and have done the needful while cascading the view points.

How is CBN as a leader?

Hard worker, never settles for less

“Basically he made people to work hard for the state development rather than beg the politicians in future for food and health benefits. If  people are strict enough and work hard for what they want some day the developed state will automatically provide them with the necessary food and health plans as a honour to their hard work rather than politicians free plans during election campaign”

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“He is leader with future vision for Andhrapradesh. IT sector is one of his main achievement creating lakhs of jobs with in AP itself  but there are lot of other developments during his administration Roads, transport, water plans, Janma Bhoomi, government officials working strictly etc.He brought a revolution in government work environment in Andhra Pradesh. The government officials who got habituated of freedom at work environment couldn’t tolerate his new ideas so he lost their votes”

Can do Better with Rural Sector..

“He failed in rural administration agriculture sector but given a chance in last 10 years he could have solved even that situation..Not like other leaders who come to power for the authority to rule he made sure he is the leader who is going to change the future of Andhra Pradesh to the most developed state in Country”


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Will CBN Win 2019 Elections in AP?

“Definitely. He has an edge over others since he has been doing whatever he proposed. Having dream of developing seed capital and river front city “Amaravati” in parallel with Singapore is not joke.

One could figure out from the city of Hyderabad that he could do whatever he commits.

His stature can be compared with that of PM Modi who are doers.

No doubt he will take AP to greater heights.

It is not joke bringing AP into second place in ease of doing business superseding rest of the states.

Since I am scrupulously following what he has been doing since he has formed government, following are the development initiatives taken by him.

  1. Developing Amaravati capital likes of Singapore.
  2. Sri city development which caters to south AP. Most of the mobile companies are to set up their factories here though some are already started manufacturing the products. Alstom has factory over here and dispatched consignment to Kochi metro project.
  3. Developing Vizag as business capital and Tirupati as religious capital
  4. Developing tri cities Tirupati-Chennai-Nellore for industrial growth though Chennai is in Tamilnadu
  5. 24 x 7 power supply to every households.
  6. Bringing every household into IT cloud.

He should get another term otherwise all the projects he has taken will be hanging like Cantilever beam!!”


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How would you compare Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu, on the basis of development that they have done to their respective states as CMs

“If you seriously want me to compare – I would give a minor advantage to CBN over NM. This guy (and his FIL) had done much more and transformed the state than NM.  A state which was zero – it used to be called “Andhera Pradesh” has been made what it is now – or it was before the split. Look at his achievements – Power sector (interestingly most of the major – VZA, Simhadri, RGM or Kothagudem had been in TDP regime) –  Hitech City,  traffic, connectivity… one who has seen things transforming from early eighties can appreciate that.
Modi against that had a bit of advantage – the man power (with due regards to the AP & telangana people) – Gujjus are a bit more industrious. NM had to tap it. But CBN had to wake them up.
But that is on a state figure – at a national level? May be at some time, CBN could have been another, earlier, NM – but at the moment I think he has a bigger task ahead.
Again the situation is like 80s,  he has to make a state from scratch, and NM has to again transform (though a bigger thing, country).  Probably both are fit for the tasks – time will tell. Only CBN isn’t that young anymore”

After Chandrababu Naidu, who is more capable to become the CM

“Assuming the current political situation remains same and no new party.  A regional party can only work in dynasty mode, it would be difficult for other capable to take charge of Party and Government.  So TDP has limited options, it has to be either Lokesh or NTR Jr. Both of them never assumed any office to understand their capability but NTR is way ahead in attracting masses. I believe he has good chance of becoming next capable CM to Andhra Pradesh.

On the other hand, Jagan seems  power hungry and is making immature statements. He needs to improve his political  strategies. He may become CM of Andhra Pradesh but i seriously doubt his capability”

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