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Today is the day when the great Constitution of India came into force, becoming the prime governing document for the nation. Our constitution had journeyed far and wide, on the forefront of many achievements and adversities experienced by the country. On this day, lively ceremonies take place at Rajpath in New Delhi, where the President of India along with thousands of other civilians will pay respects. Parades are done to pay rich tribute to India’s unison in diversity and cultural heritage.

This 67th Republic Day, the new state of Andhra Pradesh looks forward to the future. The one filled with great prospects, development and a healthy economy.

Here are few things that Andhra looks ahead to achieve and expect in the years to come.

Mighty Amaravati

The new capital city of Amaravati is ready to reckon soon. The people of Andhra await eagerly and anxiously to see the rise of one of the most prominent metros in India. A common man from AP looks ahead to view the magnificent Amaravati, live there and tell the whole world as to what a great place it is for settlers and investors.

Materialization of Foreign Investments

The last one year of the new state drawing traction from the foreign investors who have lined up to invest in the state is expected to turn into a material truth. The governance continues to strive for bringing the best of investments into various parts of the state as the new capital gets ready. Common man will wait to see this turn into a pleasant reality of corporate SEZ’s, more industrial plants and increased jobs.

Lessened Disparities

It is now time to leave aside the petty differences that exist within the society and move ahead, joined up. This Republic Day, Andhra will also aspire for unified thoughts, diminished communal boundaries and prosperous thinking in the mind sets of people. The new state needs more heads that envision together than separate groups that clash with the progress.

Sustained Economic Diversity

Agriculture, Industry, Fisheries, Mining, Ports, Engineering etc. The new state of Andhra looks forward to see all the domains growing in their respective niches. Technology will inevitably dominate all walks of life and activity but great anticipations now prevail to see the rich land of resources double up with its economic activity in all the avenues.

Progressive Thinking

This Republic Day, the new state of Andhra Pradesh badly wants progressive minds and actions. It is time to alter the individual approaches and unilaterally lead to the development of the state.

Jai Andhra Pradesh

Jai Hind.



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