These Killer Apps From AP Police Will Give The Criminals Jitters

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“It aint over until it is really over” goes the saying. The police department of AP seems to be picking up a cue from this line. Last one year onward, there has been a tremendous switch in the way the officials have been working to address the issue of nabbing the criminals.

The Andhra Pradesh Police Department has made optimal use of IT to arrive at applications and gadgets that enhance their investigation and search.

Breakthrough Facial Recognition Software

Adding to the list of existing innovations is the breakthrough face recognition software, that entails a moving eye to track potential suspects even in a huge crowd. The cops have to simply match the facial features of the suspects to the preset images that have been loaded on to the database. Yes, sounds very Hollywood!!

This apart, the department will also introduce the face recognition software in its mass security. Using the cutting edge tracking system, cops look forward to effectively get hold of these suspects even in the mass gatherings.

Ideas That Flowed In After the Krishna Pushkaralu

The above idea got picked up after using the live streaming images via drones during the recent Krishna Pushkaralu. The department has hence forth decided to take the technology up the notch for hunting down criminals. This credit goes to Director General of Police, N. Sambasiva Rao. He is the reason behind applying the idea into everyday tracking.

“Face Recognition Software will now be used in religious festivals, public meetings by the police. We have a database of pictures and fingerprints of 2-3 lakh suspects and using live streaming images of drones, CCTV cameras, we will be able to track down any suspect moving about suspiciously in mass gatherings.” – N. Sambasiva Rao, Director General of Police

AP Police, Now The Leader in Police Apps

The AP Police is leading ahead of other states in using effectively developed applications such as Fourth Lion and Track Me. Speaking to a leading newspaper daily, Mr Rao shared that the department has about 25 apps designed for various tasks.

Source – The Hindu



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