The Inspiring Digital Story of Pallepalem Village!!

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A small village tucked into Prakasam district is now proving to be a role model for the rest of the villages in the country. Pallepalem, a rather laid back and quiet village in the coastal AP has become the first one in India to become completely digital.

Pallepalem has worked actively towards going completely digital, particularly after demonetization effect. The village had been adopted by Syndicate Bank, one of the leading financial names in the PSU.

The village has over 1,000 families, and these families have been provided with Savings Bank accounts and RuPay cards by the bank.

That’s not all. Th village boasts of a 100 member women self help group who are actively promoting on how to go cashless. These women perform cashless transactions on their mobile phones and make use of ePOS (electronic point of sale) machines that have been installed at all the local Kirana stores.

The village folk of Pallepalem are easily the most digitally educated people in the rural parts of the country. They are continuing to take the proactive approach of going digital and cashless.

Three cheers to this inspiring digital village of Prakasam.

Source – The Hindu



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