The Guns And Roses!!

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I must agree, there is a sea difference. It’s not about being an opposition party, but talking sensible stuff. Over the years, Telugu Desam and YSR camp have been at loggerheads, locking horns fighting for power. And then came Power Star. He gave his full support to what was felt as a deserving side. That side won. It’s a different story now that his ideologies see some clash with that of the ruling party. This is a free country and everybody can point out their standing on the issues.

Lets talk about the roses and thorns in other parties. Senseless yelling, fault finding, name calling; which goes on every single day like a nonsensical cacophony. We dot mind a little entertainment, but we are now slowly getting sick and tired of the same old drama. The so called ladies who think of themselves as the Lady Vijayashantis of politics go on a screaming mode – no filters, no manners, no dignity whatsoever to set an example. I’m glad that atleast Pawan Kalyan makes sense in a littlest of way possible.

Pawan Kalyan is too honest to play a political game. He speaks his mind. It’s too much to be like in the mean world of strategies and agendas. The scornful Rojas on the other hand, go ballistic with their accusations on the ruling party, to retain their share of public attention. Lady, you were so better off as an actress. At least, the eye candy element was worth a deal.

We appreciate Power Star’s constant ramblings that connect directly with his feelings, even though they make no contribution to permanent problem solving for the state. We will also welcome him to pay his visits and make a scene. This scene is any day better than the everyday ugly scene that goes on at the secretariat.

So when some of us ask this question – if Pawan Kalyan can yell so can other great political establishments, please, you are kidding right?




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