The Class of a Man That He Was, is, and Will Always Be

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I remember the first time I’ve read about Mr Venkaiah Naidu in an interview in some magazine. My memory about the name of the magazine is poor, but not the conversation. This was like a decade ago, and Mr Naidu was the then Minister for Rural Development, making a fruitful impact under the good old Atal Bihari Vajpayee regime. When the internet was a long shot and the Facebook was an impossible idea to even envision, Mr Naidu’s conversation still seemed so futuristic.

Born into a family of agriculture, understanding the pulse of a farmer comes naturally to him. I was even more delighted when he made a statement, talking about his daughter Deepa. From then to now, the class of the man remains. Venkaiah Naidu lives and breathes the same principles and ideology about life and the nation.

He spoke about his role as the minister, and then he spoke about how he loved train journeys. He had got down to the base simplicities of life, like eating your dinner early and sleeping on time, after enjoying the visuals of the passing fields and greenery. Such simplicity, such an intricate observation on little things, Mr Naidu emanated all this despite being a powerful personality serving the nation at a very high level.

Venkaiah2 The Class of a Man That He Was, is, and Will Always Be

From then till now, his class remains. After getting back into the office under the Narendra Modi regime, Venkaiah
Naidu made it a point to highlight the ordeals of Telugu people. He had championed the cause of serving fair amount of justice to Andhra Pradesh, after the way the two states were divided. He did not hesitate to point out the mistakes the center had made, from making a sudden bifurcation and not considering equal allocation of funds. Even though he could not make the special status happen for the state, Venkaiah has striven to bring as much aid and help as possible to Andhra.

Venkaiah3 The Class of a Man That He Was, is, and Will Always Be

Venkaiah Naidu is an old world charm and a leader, coming down to bless the new generations. His contribution to the Telugu soil is beyond compare. Few may still hoard grudges against him for not making the special status happen, but the fact of the matter remains. He did everything else possible, fighting to fund important projects that would change the destiny of the state.

Today, it comes as no surprise that he is the NDA candidate for Vice President. Venkaiah Naidu truly understand the emotions that prevail at the grass root level. More miles to walk ahead, and I wish him great health and prosperity.



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