The ‘CBN Effect’, Hence Proved

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There is a joke going around in the circles in the secretariat nowadays. “Mr Chief Minister has many admirers, and some of them are so one sided”. As silly as that sounds, the charisma and magnanimity of this man has been testified on several occasions by the very group of followers. Some of these people are world’s richest business leaders, say people like Bill Gates.

cbn-gates2 The 'CBN Effect', Hence Proved

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh had given a shout out to the Silicon Valley and Gates arrived. The one line summation of how the CBN magic works on the world leaders. And this accomplishment is not a one day ordeal. The Chief Minister of the once united AP went ahead and requested for a meeting with the most wanted honcho, many years ago. The agenda? He just wanted to show a presentation to Bill Gates, explaining the potential India had when it comes to strong skill and brain.

The demonstration was not at all politician like. Naidu went ahead with a fully functional laptop and made an enticing Powerpoint presentation that Gates could not look away from. The impact of that meeting was so strong, that it led to the rise of Microsoft Development Center in Hyderabad, setting a new milestone for the foreign investment in the country.

Not many realize that CBN had changed the popular ‘turban’ perception about the Indians in the west. The rise of IT talent in the last 15 years from Southern part of the country alone went a long way in enabling a paradigm shift in the thought process. It was the CM of Andhra who wanted to strongly hold back software professionals within the country, empowering new economic dynamics.

Years later, Gates comes back to see his good old friend in Visakhapatnam and the duo relive their success story together. The crowd went emotional and people were left with mixed emotions as both the visionaries shared their story of friendship that has traversed 20 years.

bill-gates4 The 'CBN Effect', Hence Proved

It’s called the brand CBN – something that most people would sideline given the high profile political image he carries around considering his role and responsibility. The fact of the matter is, the CM of Andhra Pradesh still exhibits the same kind of child like vigour and enthusiasm when it comes to formulating policies that change lives.

The story that has put the food on the table for many middle class families for over a decade and continues to do so can never be forgotten. Fresh aspirations have begun. To the future.

CBN & Bill Gates

Listen to how history was made!!!CBN and Bill Gates walk down memory lane and share some nice stories about how they together shaped #Hyderabad's destiny as an IT powerhouse. #20YearsofFriendship

Posted by Telugu Desam Party (TDP) on 17 ನವೆಂಬರ್ 2017



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