Swiss Govt Agrees to Assist Amaravati with BEEP

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The vision of creating Amaravati as a world class capital city is now transcending all the barriers. Countries across the world now discuss about AP’s next focus. The Government of Switzerland is not just impressed, but has agreed to come on board and assist India.

The Swiss govt has consented to come on board and provide technical assistance for the implementation of Building Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP). The project which is a bilateral between Indian and Swiss governments, has been formulated aiming at reducing energy consumption in new buildings in India.

The Government of India has already received a formal communication from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) of the GoS.

Main Objectives of BEEP

Reduce energy consumption in new commercial building complexes/malls

Apply best practices for construction of low energy residential and public buildings

Cut down on the electricity bills.

The center has suggested Ajay Jain, Principal Secretary (Energy and Infrastructure, and Investments) to depute an official delegation for the Bureau of Energy Efficiency to discuss and carry forward the proposed BEEP implementation plan.

A report will be submitted to the Chief Minister on taking the project forward, soon after consultations are done with the center on energy efficiency activities in Amaravati.



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