Sunrise Village Vs T Hub – Healthy Strife Called ‘Start Up’

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This is not a predicament anymore. Post bifurcation, the positioning of two states has traversed the exact same journey as that of the human Karma – denial, acceptance, embracing and the final journey. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have become two different entities with one common language and mission. To excel in their own ways and shine on their own glory.

The post divide of two states had seen several stages of setbacks as well as development. While the new state of Andhra Pradesh beckons to attract global investments and newer prospects under the brand name ‘Naidu’, Telangana continues to fight its own battle, reaching out for the wider horizons. The outcomes have been vivid, holding a premise for the new ground in the two lands of Telugus.

Adding to the existing infrastructural and industrial plans are the new age Start Up endeavors for the youth of both the states. This is clearly the revolutionary ‘Start Up’ era, with most youngsters opting to go solo and become their own bosses across various verticals. The Start Up fever has engulfed the nation as such, producing powerful results in terms of employment and output.

The epidemic of small businesses has broken out deep among two main sectors – technology and retail. Some of these start ups have now deigned to join the reigns with the country’s progress, creating strong economic dynamics.

Sunrise Start Up Village Vs T Hub – Welcoming the Young Pioneers to Lead The Way

We can call this strife a healthy one. Both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are actively going head to head to attract and sustain the ‘Start Up’ talent in their own jurisdictions. AP’s Sunrise Start Up Village and Telangana’s T Hub are a live testimonial to the fact that both the states are headed in the direction of healthy contests and continuances.

Already, there has been a strong traction towards the brain child of Chief Minister of AP, Sri N Chandrababu Naidu. The Sunrise Start Up Village is already raring to go in Visakhapatnam with new blood entrepreneurs and ground breaking innovations. More is incoming for this amazing establishment for the young guns of Andhra, set to make things happen for themselves on their very home ground.

CBN’s Sunrise Start Up Village aims to launch as many as 1,000 technology start ups over the next 10 years and search for its next billion dollar Indian company. The mission is simple – to be India’s number one start up destination.

Kris Gopalakrishnan, co founder of Infosys and one of the most successful IT entrepreneurs of the country is currently serving towards the purpose as an active chief mentor.

Telangana’s new dream, T Hub, is now slowly drawing world’s attention. The Govt of Telangana and some of the key stakeholders in the start up ecosystem have envisaged a greater platform for the local start ups to enable them in dreaming bigger.

T – Hub’s mission is to catalyze the creation of one of the vibrant and most successful entrepreneur communities in India. Partnered between Telangana Govt, IIIT-H, ISB and NALSAR, T Hub stands as a main intersection for start up, academic, corporate, research and govt sectors.

Based out of Hyderabad, T Hub as an incubator has already opened applications for various local and outside start ups to come and join them. Inaugurated by the great Ratan Tata on Nov 5th, 2015, the selection process is now underway, with plenty of adhesion coming from the young and existing respondents wanting to be a part of the enterprise.

The journey of these two establishments is parallel and single minded, but the mission is the same – go head to head in a healthy strife and provide quality avenues to the citizens of two states.



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