Strategic Teams Share Realities About Working with CBN

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He is an absolute team leader. Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri N Chandrababu Naidu is known to carry both the pros and cons, just like any other ops manager running a shop floor. Naidu’s political journey bears an interesting corporate touch, unlike other politicians.

Right from planning, strategy, methodology and execution, Mr CBN is known for his eye on data and constant perfectionism that gets on the nerves. CM who ran the administration of both united and bifurcated Andhra Pradesh has left prodigious impression on those who have collaborated with him at one point or the other.

Some call working with Mr Naidu as delightful, while some have found it excruciating to the point of extracting the best. All of these liaisons uncannily lead to the same outcome – top class experience that had left an imperishable impact on the subjects.

We have made subtle inquiries on what it feels like to have been or be associated with Mr Chandrababu Naidu across projects. Here are some of the notes gathered during the interactions with previous members of his strategic team. Some may even sound cryptic, but then the explanation leads to an important tangent. Of course we have kept the names confidential, and we are pretty sure that would be respected.

A Non Compromising Task Master

“He is a strict task master who will be behind your back until the job gets done. He wants numbers, wants the exact results and wants perfect conclusions. Sometimes, those expectations are super grilling. But what you learn in the entire span can be applied to the rest of your career.”

Annoying Micro Manager

“You know, it’s great to managed microscopically. But doing that every single day can be a bit devastating on the team. He has his reasons too, with the growing pressure to deliver for the people. He should micro manage on a selective basis and that would be such a great thing to happen. He loves to oversee every little thing about every single project that sits on the table – he never gets tired. This is seen in very few politicians”

Chandrababu-Naidu1 Strategic Teams Share Realities About Working with CBN

His Precision for Data is Mind Blowing

“With CBN, you cannot mess with numbers. As simple as that. You make an error somewhere and he will come get you. There is no talking him out of this. He needs everything accurate, especially when it comes to data. There is no scope for lapses, and he will ask you to come back with better alternatives if things don’t look good on paper.”

He Remembers Every Single Thing

“It’s quite amazing and irritating at the same time, the way he remembers things. While working on the plan of action he will make sure to point out what happened that day, that year and on that project – what he remembers can shock you literally. People can easily forget such things, but Naidu will not.”

data Strategic Teams Share Realities About Working with CBN

He Communicates Even in Silence

“Most people assume that Chandrababu Naidu is not an effective communicator where matters. The reality is quite the contrary. He is selective with his communication and can even speak in his silence. For example, if the project looks exceptionally well on paper, he is going to be quiet about it. You can take two things from that silence – either deliver what looks great on paper or make it even better. Given his addiction to perfection, anything which brings even a faintest smile on his face can be termed as world class”

Very Hard to Impress the Man

“Some politicians and leaders will appreciate you even for the smallest of things, but Mr Naidu will come pat your back only after a relentless amount of hard work. He sets very high standards with vision, performance and delivery. This quality can be easily misunderstood as adamant, pushy and grumpy. But you will come to realise at the end of the project that he had sucked the best out of you and has made you exemplary as well”

meeting-naidu Strategic Teams Share Realities About Working with CBN

He can literally breathe down on your neck, and that is irksome

“Mr Naidu delegates, and he will come back asking for the progress. Let us take the example of state wide projects such as Metro and Roads. He will keep coming back to breathe on your neck until the deadline meets effectiveness. You may be the best of the best in the game, but he will still come back checking up on you. It can be really irksome. He will not stop following up till he sees what he wants.”

It can be great if he showed more facial expressions

“We cannot get a read on him – angry, sad, upset etc. That will leave you giving your best on the project. He will come back retaliating only if the tolerance had met its peak. Until then, you have to keep guessing and paying extreme attention to the project. There is no way you can conclude what he thinks about you. He is mysterious that way.”



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