Startup Revolution – The Cardinal Need for AP

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Start-ups are gaining a revolutionary momentum now in India. Picking the long standing trend from developed countries where self-sustaining had become a practice, particularly after battling excruciating economic crisis. India is now picking the pieces from what is already stagnating. BPO and IT fad is steadily taking a backseat as young rookies are deigning to go ‘on their own’ to make the ‘next big thing’ happen.

For years, Andhra Pradesh had been producing the crème’ of talent which was conveniently brain drained to the west, courtesy unemployment and lack of prospects. Some of the finest brains have emerged from the soil of Andhra, and are continuing to call the shots in the competitive lanes of Silicon Valley.  We have the country’s finest, successfully running their ideas as enterprises. The rage for migrating to West has already come to a standstill with the changing onshore scenario. Young minds now see vivid scope for venture capital, seed funding and new age start-up entrepreneurship.

Sunrise Startup Village – Torch Bearer of Endless Possibilities

Come Sunrise Startup hub at Visakhapatnam and things are already lined in place. Some of the ideas into tech and retail have already become viable businesses, set to raise more funding in the coming days. This is a good sign, the traction towards the Startup hub. AP’s potential now needs to come out of the blinds and explore the options that have been laid out. There is infrastructure, and there is willingness to fund idea that shows revenue streams and outcomes.

Startup revolution is clearly the cardinal need of AP in the present times. Young guns have to start treading the path if not already, for this is just the beginning of the possibilities. In a span of one year, the activities and strategies at the Sunrise Startup Hub have reached the next level of game plan to offer best exposure to the wantapreneurs. There are interactions with the veterans, there are workshops, there are networks and most importantly, investors are looking out with their eyes open.

Sunrise Playbook – Learn How to Startup While Still a Student!

The best part going on now is a breakthrough model called the Playbook. And it simply goes this way. Startup Village believes that everybody can LEARN to become an entrepreneur. So the plan is to start honing the talent while still in college. Students at colleges and universities will be taught how to build a startup, considering the scenarios and industry. Things are just getting better.

This is the perfect timing for the potent young rookies to pitch their ideas, get funded, take the seating space and start churning out business on their very home ground.



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