Startup Area Amaravati – APCRDA Rolls Out Complete Details on Bidding Process

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Bidding Process for Start Up Area in Amaravati – APCRDA Gives Out Clarity

Government of Andhra Pradesh has directed APCRDA to amend the bidding process for the aforementioned RFP bearing NIT No. 25/CRDA-14024(34)/46/2016 dated 17-Jul-2016 (6.84 Sq Km Startup Area of Amaravati Capital City through Swiss Challenge Approach), to enhance the extent of information available to challenging bidders, who have been qualified by APCRDA after assessment of their eligibility (‘Qualified Challenging Bidders’), by informing them of the Commercial Proposal of the Original Project Proponent (OPP).

APCRDA has issued Addendum-cum-Corrigendum to notify changes in the overall bidding process, the tender schedule, the process for submission of bids online on AP eProcurement portal and other changes, details of which may be downloaded from the APCRDA website (, as well as from the AP eProcurement portal ( All other terms and conditions of RFP and pre-bid clarifications remain unchanged. The competing counter proposals/bids shall be submitted by the challenging bidders as per the changes mentioned in this Addendum-cum-Corrigendum. Please note that any submission made in deviation hereof shall not be considered by APCRDA. A brief synopsis of the said changes is set out below:

1. Overall bidding process:

Single stage bidding process is converted into a two stage bidding process –

Stage 1 involving ‘Assessment of Eligibility’ and declaration of a list of Qualified Challenging Bidders, and

Stage 2 involving submission of Commercial bids by Qualified Challenging Bidders subsequent to APCRDA opening the Commercial Proposal submitted by the OPP in the presence of OPP and Qualified Challenging Bidders (who choose to be present).

2. Tender Schedule
a. Stage 1 Eligibility Bid Submission Date – 03:00 pm, 13-Sep-2016
b. Declaration of Qualified Challenging Bidders – 11:00 am, 16-Sep-2016
c. Opening of OPP’s Commercial Proposal – 03:00 pm, 16-Sep-2016
d. Stage 2 Commercial Bid Submission Date – 03:00 pm, 23-Sep-2016

3. Online bid submission process

To facilitate the above mentioned two stage bidding, the tender process (initiated with Tender ID No 36475) will be continued on portal, but with a modified Tender ID52592.

This tender ID 52592 will facilitate the change in the existing tender process without affecting any other RFP terms and conditions on the portal.

Therefore, bidders have to submit their eligibility criteria on the modified tender with ID 52592 . The tender can also be searched by selecting ‘mode of tender category’ as ‘Swiss challenge PPP’ on the

The details of the change in the online bid submission process is included in the Addendum-cum-Corrigendum.

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