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Microsoft has developed a new app named Kaizala, downloading which will help the Andhra Pradesh citizens to get in touch with the Chief Minister and share their ideas with him as well as to address their problems.

While launching the CM-Connect app, CM Chandrababu Naidu announced that he expects the public to actively participate and get involved in the governance of the state. He said that technological progress should be instrumental in encouraging better governance. He added that the Kaizala app had been put to test during the time of Krishna Pushkaram.

Kaizala is quite similar to the conventional mobile chatting apps where one can interact with a large number of people simultaneously. This app is being used by the Chief Minister exclusively to receive feedback on the various government policies. These will then be reviewed by the CM and the analytics will then be used to modify the policies.

In order to connect with the Chief Minister, the app should be downloaded to a smartphone from the Google Play store. Once, this is done, the user has to click on “Discover” and go for “AP CM Connect” subscription. By clicking on the “Share Feedback” option, he/she can then share his/her views and feedback about the government policies.



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