Sri City, AP’s Emerging Electronic City?

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The buzz at Sri City is not unknown to many of us. Apart from the state, the entire world as such has its eyes cast on the region. Located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, Sri City broke the glass for new beginnings for the new state. In fact, the pace had just picked from here for the rest of the progress that Andhra now sees. The process of Rayalaseema to turning into a zone of potential operations was timely and necessary, going by the preliminary stages of economic activity settling into the new state.

With the arrival of Foxconn plant, Sri City seems to be replicating the success of what Electronic City of Bangalore has done to Karnataka. Let us go back in time in the early 2000’s, when the unemployment and scope of technology investment was limited in India. Bangalore made a strategy on targeting as to what was considered as a futuristic move. Aggregating overseas players to open a shop with skilled local talent who came at a reasonable price per head.

Hyderabad followed suit later, applying the same approach, pitching Bengaluru’s success story and building the Hi -tech city. And that’s not all. Other countries started closely observing the practice and came in with force to offer ‘more heads at a cheaper price’. Philippines and China soon began to ‘poach’ the business from India, offering’ five heads for the price of one’.

With the pace and scale of expansion that is now happening at Sri City, people all over the world refer AP to as a ‘mobile manufacturing hub’. Mobile technology is precisely the present and the future with atleast a seeding time of next ten years. Andhra is likely to reap in all the economic boom that it can, while the client list goes adding by the day at the Foxconn plant.

There are certain threats to this plan too. A lot depends on how AP is going to deliver in the lines of delivery and timelines, not to forget sustain the viable talent for longevity. Given that most of the great electronic minds hail from Andhra itself, Sri City could also be a potential game card that will turn around the ongoing ‘brain drain’ game in India.

Mobile giants like Asus, Micromax, Infocus, Lava, Celkon and Karbonn have zeroed on the plant for expanding their operations. Reasons could be the brand name called CBN, or a way forward approach to invest at the right place where growth is massively anticipated in the days to come.

Overall, Sri City deigns to look like a promising next ‘Electronic City’ for Andhra Pradesh.



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