The Speed of Polavaram, CM’s Business As Usual Folks!!

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CM Sri N Chandrababu Naidu is pretty much in his Business as Usual mode. With 40 percent of Polavaram already done and racing ahead to completion, the CM of Andhra Pradesh held his head high with pride at the center while talking about the status. This is the very first time that a much prolonged project has been executed with effectiveness, with due support from the center as well as NABARD.

There is no looking back, affirmed the emotional CM, while talking about the often jinxed project of the state. Polavaram is finally seeing fruition, despite the ongoing noise and doubt. The CM looks forward to the diaphragm wall being finished in January 2017. This means the half the outcomes of the project will be achieved even before it gets completed. The districts of Godavari, Krishna and Visakhapatnam will see abundant drinking water.

This is not all. The silver lining to the cloud is that the center has also approved a budget of Rs 77,000 Cr for all the irrigation projects in the coming 4 years in the country. States like Gujarat and Maharashtra will have their projects piloted under this budget. Polavaram alone has attracted 25% funding in the process.

The time has indeed come, to rock and roll into a vibrant new year!!



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