Spare That Poor Ahalya!!

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Interesting turn of things on the virtual forum. Research made wide open on what really had transpired between Indra and Ahalya going by the epic tale of Ramayana. Ahalya is suddenly the person of interest, the front face of every Indian woman and her choice of sexuality. Only one catch, the lady with presumably inviting physical allure was cursed to turn into a stone. Cheer up ladies, we can still go over to the Hard Rock Café and vent out our miseries.

I’m amused. There is this unmissable angle with the way old tale had been dug out to rank better on Google, thanks to Sujoy Ghosh’s new short film. Create refreshing content gauging the changing trends of choices for Indian women, then and now. If we go by the actual tale, Indra was charmed by Ahalya’s unending enticements – the way she spoke, walked and looked at him. Now please do not blame the poor Indra. What did he do, really? He wouldn’t even have pinged and pinged her on Whatsapp kada? The fault was all hers. Then the hanging pot broke. Only one difference, the lady did not get shockingly pregnant that time as shown in the Telugu movies of the seventies. Oh come on now, she did it with a Gandharva, right?

Ahalyas are existent since time gone by. The fair share of their male counterparts with feelings. Desires and aspirations. Wanting to explore the thrill. A modern day Ahalya has to think twice before wearing a trendy low cut shirt to work. After all, the new generation Indras continue to exercise their one sided chauvinism, both in choices and decisions. Ahalya today can’t voice her thoughts and feelings as she wants, neither can she self-proclaim herself to be a free spirit. Ahalyas who have had children and have lost their body shape simply have no right to express lust. They are mothers. They are supposed to keep nursing, feeding and also bend down when not earning. The charming Indras of the families can go meet their other Ahalya version2s outside, and still, ladies you are supposed to shut up.

The great Indian modern woman liberalization will continue to see the fairer sex being groped in the insides of office board rooms, ranked second in the choice of promotions and dumped conveniently when wanted. Now, that man who was calling himself a feminist and preaching great words, there’s the door. Please walk.

Modern day Ahalya cannot make out with a man out of caste, admire a person out of her marriage and definitely can’t be a great kisser. For, she will be branded some very famous terms. The man in the act who ultimately gets involved after sweet talking words will suddenly not be that mighty Indra. He will become a whole new hypocritical jerk, out of nowhere, judging the woman he had felt, touched and experienced. Soul goes to hell, and bodily needs would be pointed out. After all, the human equivalents of Indra have this great liberty to walk in and walk out as they want, and tweet the contrary on their walls.

Simply put, there is no point really going back in time, comparing notes. Indra and Ahalya showed their choices, exercised their freedom and bore the consequences (we all know who bore the worst of it). Let us all go back to our lives of paradox and breathe. For even the Puranas can’t damage control the unfairness of it all.

Dear Ahalyas, take a bow from me and be what you are, for there are no Indras here on the face of the earth. The human choices are equal for all. Getting cursed is already pre-written for you, whether or not you invite that man inside.





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