Some Good News for the Chilli Farmers in the State

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In order to help the chilli farmers in the state, the Andhra Pradesh government is all set to offer them a price assistance scheme. Yesterday, N. Ananda Babu, Minister for Social Welfare and P. Pulla Rao, Minister for Civil Supplies went on an inspection of Guntur’s chilli yard to get an idea of the condition of chilli trading. According to them, the opposition leader and the President of YSR Congress, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was generally instigating the chilli farmers without having the slightest idea about agriculture.

They stated that the Telugu Desam government was offering price assistance scheme to the chilli growers in the state, thereby helping them to gain the best price. They offered an assurance that all the chilli will be purchased from these farmers by May 30th. They said that if needed the purchase date would be further extended up to June 15th.

According to P. Pulla Rao, 3775 chilli farmers have received a price assistance of INR 8.68crores and assured that the rest of the farmers too will receive it soon.

Ananda Babu added that the opposition leader should stop provoking the farmers and turning them against the government. According to Subba Rao, the annual holidays of 40 days that were earlier reduced to 20 days have now been cancelled, in order to help the chilli farmers of the state. He added that at the yard, the chilli farmers were offered provisions like meals, water, buttermilk and medical facilities.



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