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The whole world may now say – “What’s the big deal? The Center has been driving us crazy with options for a while now”.

This is not a big deal, this is a real deal. Not because it’s about the new state of Andhra Pradesh, but this is about being a part of the unified list that has been identified to be developed as the first smart cities of India. Pragmatically put, no turning back for the Center now. Being a smart city means an entire shebang, the whole nine yards of development without denials.

“What exactly is this concept, the Smart City?” – Regular dummies who have not seen much changing may wonder. The phrase is as catchy as it can get. However, there is a lot more meat in here this time.

Smart City is more of the country’s broad term vision for the future. The cities that get captured within this envisioning have a lot to look forward to, going by the print as well as the amount of persuasion involved. Plainly speaking, our country intends to build a 100 of smart cities by the year 2022. This idea was conceptualized by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, who wanted a prominent solution to address the ever growing urbanization in the country. Smart City concept is actually one of the predominant ideas with an intensity capable of catapulting the nation into the league of developed countries. So here’s our chance to drop that nagging ‘ing’ for over decades with no concrete results or outcomes.

AP’s Visakhaptnam and Kakinada have made it to the first phase of Smart City execution. This calls in for boundless scope and growth for the cities that totally deserve the kind of push. While Vizag is already reckoning with self sustaining growth in the form of urbanization, there lays an extra potential that will be avidly tapped into with the Center’s assistance. Kakinada, on the other hand, may have looked modestly laid back till a while. But the city will now see a huge hand holding happening, with its due merit of making it to the list. There has been a lot of hard work behind getting here for both the cities, undeniably.

Let us look at some fact sheet about India’s Smart Cities, what they mean, what is ahead and what they will get.

Defining a ‘Smart City’

An urban area that flaunts and offers world class, robust and sustainable infrastructure that provides top notch quality of live to the locals and the settlers.

Congrats Vizag and Kakinada. Here’s What You Smarties Will Get!!

The talked about infrastructure for a smart city typically includes the following

– Uninterrupted and clean drinking water

– Stable power supply worthy of any high end metro city

– Clean and repaired roads

– High speed tech (Let’s say Wireless, Internet and WiFi)

– Automated Waste Management and Disposal

– Efficient public transport

– Affordable and economic housing conditions

– Technology driven public services

Requisitions for a City to Qualify

The cities will be picked by the Government of India post evaluating various metrices, such as:

– Plan of action under Swachh Bharat

– Compatibility with Make in India norms

– Cost Effective avenues calling in for implementing state of the art public transport systems

– Prevalence of e Governance

The cities will also be offering ideas to the Center in the areas of avenues for improvement, renewal plans, expansion or extension tha involves greenfield development, requisiite pan city initiatives etc.

How’s the funding worked out?

Both the center and the respective state will split the cost equally. The central government will typically offer Rd 100 Cr per city per annum.


There will be teething challenges, nevertheless. A lot of specs have to be worked out while raising funds for developing the existing old cities and revamping the infrastructure. The areas that are heavily populated will have to be tackled by way of offering the residents a temporary rehabilitation or acquiring of land.

A lot of promise ahead for both the cities of Andhra. Congratulations to the smart cities Visakhapatnam and Kakinada.



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