These ‘Smart Bikes’ are turning heads at the AP Secretariat

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Environment friendly, healthy and extremely appealing, these new smart bikes are literally stealing the show at the AP Secretariat, Velagapudi. Apart from the recent hubbub of employees taking selfies with the bikes, the inception of the concept brings in a fresh air of health with technology, happiness and advancement. Presenting the all new SmartBike, powered by nextbike.

Smart bikes are super easy to commute and use. In fact, they save us from the hazards of environmental pollution with regular usage. Folks can now commute on them and improve their health as well. The green blue city of Amaravati has been earmarked by the AP Government to become one of the most healthiest places to live in the country. Smart Bikes are an essential component, fuelling this vision. Furthermore, the practice of these social or sharing bikes allows for better fun while going around the city.

So How do they Work?

Now, these smart electric bikes are not just an eye candy. One can be charged up and ready to go with a perfect design and functionality. Unlike the conventional bikes, smart bikes make the experience even more exciting, perhaps a good habit that is difficult to shake off after getting used to. A smart bike sharing happens where one needs to enter a bike number to receive code. After entering the code into the computer, the user needs to press OK. The bike gets unlocked automatically. The user can secure the cable lock in the holder at the basket in the front to start the ride.

Convenient to park, the users can also choose the parking option using bike’s on board computer. To return the bike, the user needs to insert the bike into a free rack and lock the bike with a cable lock. Th users can also rent the bikes using an app.

So, are you ready for some smart bike ride experience in Amaravati?



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