Sky is the Limit for these Young Archers

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P. Yashoda, who is merely 14 years old, is extremely passionate about archery. At the age of 12, she took up the bow and arrow. Just within two years, she won a gold medal at a National Tournament in New Delhi and now aims to reach newer heights.

While talking of her victory she said that winning the medal was overwhelming and exciting. She was introduced to the sport of archery during a school summer camp.

P. Lahari, her sister too is a passionate archer and has participated in various competitions at the district, state and national level. The sisters said that their success at the sport is all due to their parents who are extremely encouraging and make sure that they get ample practice to improve their skills. Their ambition is to continue with the sport and represent India on the global platform.

The GVMC Summer Coaching Camp is training 30 archers, Yasodha and Lahiri being two of them. The Visakha District Archery Association’s coaches begin training these archers very early in the morning at the two venues, AU Football Ground and VUDA Park.

During the past few years, archery has become quite popular. A sport that was considered to be a tribal game or a warfare art has now metamorphosed into a widely acclaimed and loved sport.

According to the Joint Secretary of Visakha District Archery Association, P. Kishore Kumar, in the initial period of the formation of the association in year 2000, they used to conduct summer camps in schools in order to encourage the sport. But, initially the interest in the sport was very less. However, now the sport has gained popularity thanks to its ability to increase the focus, core strength and flexibility of the player.



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