When Six AP Students Scaled Great Heights..

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All it took was a resolution to overlook ones’ humble roots and modest means along with an undying passion to succeed. This sums up the amazing feat fulfilled by the six young students of Andhra Pradesh who climbed the highest mountain peak in the world – the Mount Everest.

Kunja Durga Rao and Vooyaka Krishna Rao who belong to the scheduled tribes and are senior intermediate students of AP Tribal Welfare Residential Schools are the ones who successfully scaled the Mount Everest. They are sons of daily wagers and farm labourers.

Parents of Durga Rao make their living as daily wage workers while Krishna Rao’s parents work in the Seetampeta Agency area of Srikakulam district as agricultural laborers. It was the Youth Services Department and the Social Welfare Department that offered support to the two of them to make their dream come true.

G Suresh Babu also conquered the highest peak of the world with five other students on the state. Suresh belongs to the scheduled caste and his parents are small time workers who make their living working in their native village of Pulichinta in Kurnool district. His victory was celebrated by the Principal, teachers and students of C Belegal’s AP Social Welfare Residential School.

Kare Satya Rao who was sponsored by the Youth Services Department hails from Vishakhapatnam and belongs to the family of fishermen. S Nagaraju, who also happens to be a marathoner, is from Vizag too.
Tammineni Bharat of Kurnool district had first attempted to scale the Mount Everest in 2015 but had failed due to the massive earthquake that hit Nepal. However, this time as part of the six member team he finally realized his dream and came off victorious.

The director of social welfare revealed that about 65 students from the social welfare and tribal welfare residential schools were picked by the state government and were given basic training of mountaineering at the CBR Academy near Vijayawada. He added that out of these, 34 students were sent to the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute situated in Darjeeling for more training. 14 of these students were later selected for advanced mountaineering training in Ladakh, where they were given extensive training under dire circumstances with the temperature often falling to a freezing -40 degree Celsius. A batch of 13 students was finally selected to scale the peak, of whom 6 completed the feat successfully on May 13th.

U Raghunadha Reddy, the expedition coordinator said that usually 45 days are required to climb the Mount Everest. However with the rock solid determination of these students, they were able to complete the mission in just 30 days which is highly commendable.

A social welfare official stated that these students who were born into families that belong to vulnerable groups like Savara, Koya and Madiag belong to rather humble backgrounds with their parents striving hard to make ends meet by working as small farmers, agricultural laborers and daily wagers (hamalis). He added that this is an admirable feat for the boys who have now become a source of inspiration for all the underprivileged children.



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