From Shambles to Prosperity – 1000 Days of AP

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“We will not go quietly into the night, we will not vanish without a fight. We’re going to live on, we are going to survive!!”

Reminds me of that line straight from the Hollywood film ‘Independence Day’ – on screen US President Thomas Whitmore making a rhetoric speech while fighting the aliens with his citizens on the 4th of July. Andhra Pradesh turns 1000 days old today. The feeling is similar – euphoric, cinematic and beyond compare. Only, the CM of the state is less melodramatic and more work driven.

The divided piece of glorious heritage stands tall, fighting all the way from shambles to prosperity. What had started off with complete disappointment, disbelief and cynicism is now turning the tide. AP is raring to go more than ever, inviting prospects, potential and amazing shift.

The last 1000 days tell a saga of resilience, fight and relentless work – right from river interlinking to Polavaram, from bringing home global investments to enabling real time governance. The state has set the foundation of preparedness with moving industrial activity, fully operational secretariat and brisk works of decade long pending Polavaram.

CM N Chandrababu Naidu has turned the tables, regardless of the waging noise and complain. The sunrise state is now counted among the top destinations to conduct business, set up infrastructure and derive best practices of e governance.

1000 days done with, work goes on mindless of the count – people are working collectively with a hope of change and development. The noise continues to prevail on the social medium from the naysayers and the haters, but the real job is definitely on. More greatness ahead for the newly formed Andhra Pradesh.

It took a while to bring the ground to level with independent planning, foundation, and separate government heirarchy. But Andhra Pradesh is now ‘future ready’ with all the necessary ingredients in line – topped with that inner courage to continue the fight for prosperity.

Bring it on, says the Sunrise State.



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