Say NO to Motorcycles and Scooters to Children below 18 Years

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This is happening time and again – increased access to resources to the children who are not even minors. Our earning spending habits have clearly upped the bar for our children. The question still remains – are we drawing a line?

In the midst of gadget controlled lifestyles and WiFi driven thought processes, it has become impossible to set some filters. Providing for your little ones is absolutely awesome, but parents these days are not paying attention to what is critical.

Gifting motorbikes and scooters to children below 18 years, for one. There is only question that comes from us – can you really guarantee the safety of your young child who is raring to go with the raging hormones. Can you vouch for their safety on the road? Can you bear the brunt of responsibility if something goes wrong?

There are more and more accidents happening on the roads due to young kids driving two wheelers. The rate of casualty is spiking. Who is to be blamed? Police state that these are the kids of educated parents with background and means. The parents who give away everything to their young, without understanding the depth of it, without calculating the risks that lay behind.

Stop allowing your little ones below 18 to drive motorcycles and scooters. This is your personal responsibility. They are your children. No matter what kind of advancements happen in every other field of life, life itself happens only once. Make sure you rise up to the situation and protect the little ones.



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