From Savitri to Sindhu, Women of Andhra Have Fought Their Way To Victory

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They say, women have greater resilience and patience to fight adversities. In a man’s world, women are still struggling to establish their ground. Regardless of a million flowery greeting cards that are showered every year on Women’s Day, the fairer sex still grapples for equality. Women of Andhra set some remarkable and poetic examples to the world on this front. They never had it easy, had to fight for their share, enduring great amounts of humiliation and doubt.

Right from Savitri to P V Sindhu, the women of Andhra Pradesh have gone places and scaled heights. What may look smooth and easy on the exterior is filled with rocky paths, rough weather and over powering male chauvinism. Still, they found their way through to lead businesses, rule silver screens and win gold medals in the badminton courts.

Kosta women have a remarkable amount of inner grit, and this has been felt timelessly. Whether you take a Diva like Savitri or a magnanimous business leader like Padmashree Warrior, whether it is P V Sindhu in the badminton court or Aruna Miller setting great examples in another country, our women have done great things. They have set astonishing examples and conveyed a simple message – sky is the limit for a woman who is determined enough.

Let us also not forget about our endearing women of DWCRA groups in the state, who work hand in hand along with their men to make a living. Our women farmers, weavers and skilled female work groups continue to work hard and rise, regardless of all the other prevailing problems. They have the strength to shut out everything negative and concentrate on the positive. Let us derive inspiration from these modest souls.

Women of Andhra continue to strive, thrive and rule the world. Let us celebrate them all, and make space for more to come.

Happy Women’s Day!



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