Roanu – The God Sent Cyclone for AP

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Usually, cyclones that came and went so far have been major disrupting agents for Andhra. We can infer that with examples like that of the recent devastating Hudhud, which had wreaked havoc. The recent cyclone Roanu sets an example otherwise.

Roanu proved to be more of a friendly cyclone than a vice. A tropical cyclone that had initially switched on the panic button cast a pleasant spell of useful rains. Roanu brought important rainfall to major parts of Andhra, Odisha and West Bengal, contrary to doing an earth shattering damage.

The impact left by Roanu has given a welcome opportunity to the farmers in AP to prepare fields in advance for the Khariff paddy. The Roanu effect has also proved great for the farmers in Odisha and West Bengal, who have been facing losses due to a rather dry spell earlier this year.

Roanu’s good impact is going to stay for the next one month. Monsoon is most predicted to arrive earlier this June and hit the Kerala coast first. Out of the total rice production per annum, eastern states alone contribute to 55 million tonnes out of 102 millions.

People panicked at the onset of the cyclone, especially the coastal parts of Andhra which was exposed to the possible danger. Visakhapatnam for one, had to recoup from a massive loss and damage only recently, right after the cyclone Hudhud. The city saw total uproot of trees and plantation and had to start right from the scratch with replenishing the greenery.

Here is a hope that friendly cyclone Roanu will prove to be beneficial to the farmers of Andhra for a longer period.



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