Story of Innovative Maggam Heroes in Ongole

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Innovation and self sustenance often starts from inside. This, regardless of the prevailing external forces and constraints. The humble Maggam workers of Ongole have proved that nothing is impossible if you have the innovative streak that couples with the right timing. Precisely why the once struggling individual groups are slowly rising to become self sufficient mini entrepreneurs of sorts.

The workers at Ongole did not sit depressed when the recession hit badly on their industry. Diminishing avenues and expanding markets along with their growing competition, to say the least. All this on one side and presence of mind on the other. Things were looking slow and non productive when the workers started understanding the real demand that now exists in the market and decided to do something about it.

The Maggam works on blouses are hugely in demand, all over the world. This had enabled the workers to come up with a market driven plan – concentrate solely on what is selling and do away with what is not working. The workers of Ongole started focusing heavily on delivering mind blowing Maggam designs on blouses. The story had taken a different tangent as they started receiving amazing traction for their works. These workers are now entrepreneurs in themselves, also creating jobs for the rest of the skill in their areas. Maggam work is slowly picking up in numbers, with more resources joining the group each passing day.

The story came to light when a leading newspaper started researching on the lives and livelihood of these groups in Ongole. These workers now profess in all the latest and modern bridal and regular Maggam designs. Focus is also on other verticals, such as saris and dress materials.

Source – The Hindu



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