The Real Secret Behind CM’s Special Happiness Index Team

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The CM has actually stripped some of the important portfolios under him to make time to lead this department.

With his quest for a happy and cheerful society, Andhra Pradesh CM, Chandrababu Naidu is all set to design a Happiness Index Department in the state. The first such department was set up in India by Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the CM of Madhya Pradesh. Naidu is the second CM to follow this path.

According to an official working at the Chief Minister office, the CM has actually stripped some of the important portfolios under him to make time to lead this department. With this venture in view, Chandrababu Naidu actually appointed new ministers for Energy, Tourism, Commerce and Industries department on Monday. For the past 34 months, he was personally managing these departments.

At one of the meetings the Chief Minister stated that a government cannot achieve the required results or considered to be a successful one, unless the society it governs is happy. He further added that everyone will have to work hard and as one to realize the dream of making Andhra Pradesh a happy society.
Recently, Mr. Naidu launched the “achieving happiness” campaign and instructed the civic bodies to organize song and dance programs under the “Happy Sunday” venture.

It is believed that Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index is the inspiration for the Vision-2029 document of the AP Government. The GNHI of Bhutan includes nine important realms like education, health, resilience and cultural diversity, psychological well being, ecological diversity, living standards, community vitality, time and good governance.

The Vice President of the planning committee of HI, Mr. C Kutumba Rao said that they have already set certain parameters. According to him, the plan is to ensure that each family earns an income of INR 10000. He stated that the HI will be calculated based on the surveys that will be conducted periodically across the districts. He further added that they are collaborating with other departments to come up with plan to meet the target of INR 10000 income per household per month.

In order to monitor the work of the Happiness department and measure the HI, the planning committee has come up with some important performance indicators.



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