This Rama Navami, I Want To Celebrate The Mighty Sitas of This Country

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Rama has cherished and celebrated Sita in his life with mixed emotions, now that’s what Puranas convey to us since time unknown. For the women of that era and this, Sita stands to be an epitome of patience, loyalty and insane amount of ability to forgive. This Rama Navami, it is very important to take a step back and ponder at why Sita figures so important in the sum total of Rama. His mighty persona is directly derived from several facets, and Sita is undoubtedly one among them.

For the modern women who are pushed relentlessly to decide between making and breaking rules, Sita is an important case study. The divine example who had to endure a hell ride of sorts (straightly put) has of also left behind valuable lessons of self respect and dignity. Sita makes us infer and conclude at the ultimate truth – a man is determined by the kind of the woman/women in his life. Almost.

Sitas of the modern era may not have the same kind of patience and willingness to forgive, but they need to be respected for putting up with the lesser tolerant versions of Rama’s descendants. The level of appreciation should stand the same, given the even perpendicular of shifted mindsets and resilience levels. While the almighty Sita was lured to jump into the fire, she made it a point to turn back and question her before doing so. She had to prove herself, but she asked Rama those important, unpleasant questions alright. That move of hers gives some of us a bounty of comfort in the way we are headed.

This Rama Navami, I want to salute the mighty Sita and the rest of the human versions who are carrying forth the legacy – of that of fighting against their inner ordeals and making a reach to stand by and support their men.



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