It’s Raining Praises and Investments – CBN IN USA

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Right from the day he landed to what’s going on as a heavy commendation of his efforts, CM N Chandrababu Naidu is not leaving any stone idle during his US tour. It’s raining both praises and investments in the form of MoU signing and awards. CBN is making sure every hour expended on the soil of world’ largest democracy fetched winning outcomes for Andhra Pradesh. From meeting top honchos at the Silicon Valley to fetching great developments for farmers in the state, his agenda is completely business as usual.

The AP government has successfully inked MOUs with 3 important institutions. Agreements have been signed with:
– I-Bridge Inc(Incubation and Co-working spaces)
– Innova Solutions(Potential for providing jobs to 10,000)
– EVX Solutions(Potential job creation – 2,000)

While the team is looking forward to more such agreements during this endeavour, CM’s live videos at important forums of debates and discussions show that the core team is not up for any kind of small talk. This is all about business, networking and prospects – all with brand CBN thrown in the mix.

The NRI’s continue to meet and greet the CM, sharing their support and solidarity for Amaravati, while the important US delegates light candles at important ceremonies welcoming him. The euphoria of positive prospects continues. Watch this space for more updates.



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