Port Led Development is Crucial for AP, Now More Than Ever

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While on one hand the state is going strong, building foundation for Fintech and agriculture, ports cannot be undermined. Simply put, Andhra Pradesh is a strong base for some of the major operational ports, with as many as six ports under development in the PPP mode.

Andhra flaunts the second longest coastline in the country, with spectacularly major ports in Vizag, Gangavaram, Kakinada, Rawa and Krishnapatnam. These ports handle nearly 74 million tons of cargo, going by the last year’s statistics alone. AP also ranks second to Gujarat with respect to the cargo that is handled by non major ports and ranks third after both Gujarat and Maharashtra in the maritime.

The ports that are fully operational and delivering, such as Krishnapatnam, Kakinada and Vizag are easily the biggest employment and revenue generators. With skill deployment being taken care of in the sectors of industry and technology, a port led development model with throw more doors open for the manpower in the state, not to forget supplemented revenue.

The need is now more than ever when it comes to port led development, as the state is in the process of self sustaining in lines of economic dynamics and infrastructure. A port led development model is destined to get a massive push from the state government, what with the plans in store to expedite and establish AP Maritime Board. The formation of this Board is a pre requisite to get additional assistance under several Centrally funded projects, including Sagarmala. As many as 90 Projects of Andhra Pradesh, including the projects of Vizag Port Trust has been under development in Sagarmala Program of Government of India.

The time is also ripe to grab all possible opportunities as one of the most promising port enabled states of the country and the continent. Vizag’s close proximity to some of the world’s best ports in Hong Kong, Colombo etc cannot be overlooked. This also leads the way to more potential infrastructure and investment in the sector.

With 15 world class ports that are ready to deploy further operations and upscale in the intake, Andhra Pradesh needs to concentrate on grabbing the creme’ of deals, both nationally and internationally. AP Maritime Board will solve many challenges and pave a smooth road for the way forward.

After being ranked as number one in the ease of doing business, all eyes are now on Andhra. The state government has to capitalize on the recognition gained and invest time and energy on building a sustainable port development model.



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