Polavaram, The Long Cherished Andhra Dream Now Realized!!

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Governments came and went, but the long awaited Polavaram project is seeing fruition finally under the leadership of CM Sri N Chandrababu Naidu. One of the most prestigious projects of Andhra Pradesh that solves many water and other problems for the citizens, is now coming true.

Polavaram irrigation project saves immense quantities of water that goes wasted into the sea, year after year. A national project that has taken up a command area of 2.91 hectares and power generation capacity of 960 MW will divert the fresh river water into the state. The dam which will be completed sooner than expected will spread in the parts of neighboring states Odisha and Chhattisgarh as well.

Some important facts about the new concrete spillway that has been unveiled to begin work today:

Type of dam or concrete spillway (754 m), Non over flow masonry dam (560 m) & Earth dam (1600 m)
Impounds Godavari River
Height 39.28 m (129 ft) up to top of earth dam above the lowest river bed.
Length 2,914 m (9,560 ft)
Spillway type Ogee section

Spillway Hight : 150 Mts.
Lengh : 1128.4 Mts
No of [email protected] way : 48 (16 x 20 Mts)

3,600,000 cusecs at 140 ft msl


Total capacity 194 tmcft at FRL 150 ft msl
Active capacity 175 tmcft (at 25.4 m msl crest level of spillway)
Inactive capacity 19 tmcft (below 25.4 m msl)
Catchment area 307,800 km2 (118,800 sq mi)
Surface area 600 km2 (230 sq mi)
Max. water depth 32.08 m at FRL 150 ft msl

Power Station:

Operator: APGENCO
Turbines 12 × 80MW Francis-type (left bank side)
Installed capacity 960 MW (under construction)

Data Source – S Krishnaiah, Chairman.,AP.Gazetted Officers JAC & President.,Seemandhra Gazetted Officers Association




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